We strive to be aware of and
caring for our environment in
the following ways:

We use 100% Green Energy.

We use recycled or managed/sustainable forest sourced paper and stationery.

We use as little paper as possible, printing only when necessary. For example, faxes are sent electronically and therefore there is no printing at the transmission end, cutting paper use in this process by 50%.

We donate to the Wildlife Alliance for re-forestation.

Food scraps, coffee grinds and shredding are composted for our gardens.

Paint used during our refurbishment was water-based and environmentally friendly.

All our lighting is energy efficient and only on when needed.

Furniture, toys and other resources have been sourced from recycled sources where possible.

All external printing (letterheads, cards etc) are completed by services which are either carbon-neutral or source recycled and/or sustainable forest sourced materials.

How can we help?

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